Emotional Freedom Technique: $

I tried emotional freedom technique (EFT) for the first time earlier last week, and it was such an interesting and uplifting experience. What happened was that my coach and I talked about some of my mental blocks surrounding money, since we’re working on wealth consciousness. The biggest block for me was that I thought it was really, really hard to earn money and that I shouldn’t spend it because it’s hard to get it back. And so we uncovered what exactly influenced that mindset, and we got to the root of the block. After, my coach showed me the tapping points that we would be working on:

  1. The “karate chop” or the pinky-side of a fist
  2. The top of the head
  3. Between the eyebrows (or your third eye if you’re thinking about the chakras – not the Naruto chakras, the Hindu/yogic chakras)
  4. The outer sides of the eyes (lower than the temples)
  5. Under the eyes
  6. Under the nose
  7. The chin
  8. Under the collarbones, and
  9. Under the armpit (where your ribs are, or if you wear a bra then where the bra band would be)

It’s an energy technique (so it makes you aware of where you direct your thoughts and energy, and changes it into something more positive) that’s like a meditative form of acupuncture. With the kind of EFT tapping that I did, my coach and I used a combination of tapping and verbal statements: We would go through the 9 tapping points, and my coach would come up with a statement at each point that I would have to repeat. It was definitely cathartic, since I said things out loud that I never would have even thought to myself. My dad was in the other room, and I wasn’t sure whether he could hear me or not, but I think that made me a little more self-conscious. I guess I was brave for going through with the entire EFT session without stopping to think about what my dad would think.

And those statements were very personal. I remember some of them:

  • “It’s so hard to earn money.”
  • “I know that it’s hard to get it [money] back.”
  • “My parents make me feel bad for buying the things that I want.”
  • “It’s my money.”

You may not understand why I had to say those things out loud, admit to them. That’s okay. Let me try to help you understand. So, I’ve always been made to believe that money is something that you save, not spend. It’s bad if you spend it on things that you like. It’s expected that you’re supposed to work hard in order to save a decent amount of money that you will then spend on things like a house or a car.

And I know that it’s such a first world problem – a problem of the privileged – but it honestly has negatively affected the way I go about life. I always second-guessed purchases. I remember in a high school math class, and the teacher had come up with a problem of buying $20 jeans. I heard a girl in my class say, “that’s such a good price!” when I was thinking in my head, “that’s so expensive.” So maybe it’s not really a first world problem. Maybe it’s more of a transition-from-one-socioeconomic-class-to-another problem. Or a generational and cultural shift that’s affected my families, as well as other families who transition from one country or class to another. And that’s the thing: I’m not in dire need of financial aid, and I’m not struggling to keep a roof over my head. So maybe the problem is that I think that I’m in a financial struggle?

Anyway, I think that what is most important is that I am working to free myself of mental blocks that are preventing me from living the fullest life possible. It will take some time, as I learn more about myself and learn to forgive myself for thinking that whatever I had felt before was wrong. I hope that I’ll be able to truly think for myself when it comes to money, and develop my own wealth consciousness. I hope that I’ll be able to not really control emotions, but influence them in such a way to improve my thoughts, my relationships, and my health. And I hope that, above all else, I’ll achieve a healthy balance between being free and being frugal. (This whole block about money just shows how it’s a human struggle to hover into perfect balance between the material and the metaphysical, our earthly tethers and the spiritual plane. But that’s for another post.)


What do you think?

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