Parks and Recreation

This has become my most favourite television show of all time, and I literally just realized that right now. This show crept up on me. My friends at the Harry Potter Alliance had kept talking about it, and I trust that they have excellent taste, so I watched the first episode on Valentine’s Day last year. I didn’t realize it then, but that marked the beginning of my journey to self-acceptance and self-improvement. That February 14th was actually pretty sad for me: I was unemployed, single, and lost. I believe that this show was the start of a better year and a better me.

It just hit me so hard that this show might have possibly saved me from a life without purpose or happiness. The past year and 10 days have seen so much change in me that it cannot be a coincidence. I’ve kind of stopped believing in coincidences.

A lot has happened in 375 days: I got a job, but ended up feeling drained and complacent and unhappy. I volunteered with amazing organizations and felt a higher purpose. I started to write, really write, again. I quit my job and started working toward not exactly a career, but a lifestyle that I would love. I read books that gently encouraged me to keep going. I started doing yoga and have become healthier. Quite a few of my favourite series ended, and left me to pick up on my own story.

I don’t want to recycle my earlier posts about 2014 and my New Years resolution, but I do want to emphasize just how much growth is possible within us if we simply let it happen. It’s something that I’ve learned from Parks and Rec, among many others.

I learned that being kind and hardworking are the building blocks of a successful career and life. I learned that surrounding yourself with people who love and support you create the best relationships. I learned that life is unexpected and often unwelcome. But it will turn around and surprise you again with its warmth and happiness.

This show has made me want to be kinder, more hardworking, more loving and supportive, and warmer and happier. There have been so many reviews of Parks and Rec praising its focus on characters who love each other. Comedies often pit people against each other, and being mean and hateful are used to get laughs. Not with Parks and Rec: being nice and doing things for others are used to get laughs, and it succeeds.

Now, the high emotion from the series finale has finally dropped down, so I will end my ode here. I’ll probably come back to Parks and Rec in this blog to post about other good things like healthy relationships and perfectionism and waffles, so it’s not really goodbye. It hardly ever is.



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