Unfinished Work

I actually started a similar blog a few years ago, when I was still in university.

It’s called Storysharing for Peace, and I created it with the hope that it will be part of a portfolio I would send with my grad school application. I think it’s funny how that never happened, because I was so sure back then that getting an MA was part of my destiny. It goes to show how little we know about what’s in store for us.

I’ll probably never go back to work on that blog, mostly because I forget the password and I’m too lazy to dig that up. Also, I don’t see a point in going back. I have this blog, which I am really proud of, and I have a better goal and intention with this blog than with Storysharing for Peace.

It’s okay that we leave some things where they are, that we don’t go back to finish our work. Sometimes these are lessons for us to learn about what is truly important to us, and on where we should be concentrating our efforts. I’m glad that I started Storysharing for Peace, because it made me excited to write about something. It was purposeful work that I had transferred over to what you’re reading right now.

Have you started a blog and left it as it is, without posting updates? Do you have unfinished work that you may or may not be proud of?


4 thoughts on “Unfinished Work

  1. I think a lot of bloggers have started out with a blog that “failed” or didn’t go anywhere. I certainly have. It’s good to make all those mistakes and figure things out when no one is looking. And it was a quiet way to take a brave step into the world, too. So, no regrets there.

    As far as unfinished work, I have a lot of things that don’t make it to my blog. Does that count? 🙂

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