Positive Projection

Being optimistic and thinking positive have been things that I’ve worked on for my whole life to the point where I can confidently say that I can embody them. We all hear words of advice such as “seeing the glass as half full,” “cloud with a silver lining,” and such.

This past week, even though I had dreaded going to work, didn’t feel productive or confident – at one point I didn’t even want to get out bed – I experienced kindness, positivity, gratitude, progress, and love. It was so unexpected and amazing to know that God or the universe or people in general had my back and were working to help me out. I know that it can be hard to believe that this can happen to everyone, but I honestly feel like it’s possible.

All of this has been a build up of learning how thinking positive will bring positive things. If you’ve seen The Secret, you’ll know that this is all about the law of attraction: your thoughts become things. I never truly considered how powerful the law of attraction can be (and have scoffed at how fluffy and new age this idea was – and look at me now), but with the little things in my life, I’ve seen it happen. Work went well, I wasn’t late for something, my skin looked good, I networked more, I wrote more often, my relationships were in good shape… all of these things have contributed to life being pretty damn sweet right now.

I recognize that this happiness and feeling of peace won’t last forever. It actually won’t last for the next week, I predict. And that’s okay. I know that we can all find our way back to happiness if we truly want it and will work for it. The bad stuff will find its way out.

6 thoughts on “Positive Projection

  1. Thanks Camille. I really need your writing about kindness. Sometimes, I just feel crushed by life and want to stop thinking positively, but your writing makes me feel comfortable because there are people out there similar to me. Thanks so much.

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    • Aw, that is so nice of you, Nhi! I’m glad that this helps you. Thinking positively and spreading kindness doesn’t happen overnight, and you have to go through a lot of hardship to fully appreciate those good things. Let me know what kinds of topics you want to read about (check out http://kindnessblog.com/) or if you want to talk. πŸ™‚

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      • Thank you! I have no difficulty appreciating kindness. Even the smallest kind of action. Because I am very sensitive. But because of this very reason, I am often hurt by people’s unwillingess to spread kindness, or attitudes. So sometimes, I just want to give up on changing people, saying Hi and smiling. It is so tough.

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      • I totally understand that! I’ve had trouble balancing kindness and being tough for the sake of protecting myself from getting hurt. Kindness is a kind of vulnerability, so it’s hard to practice or maintain. I don’t think you should focus on changing people, but work on figuring out why you appreciate kindness so much and work towards being the kind of person you want to become. πŸ™‚

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  2. It certainly is tough, isn’t it? Like you, I feel like I’ve trained myself to be a more positive person over the years. But I also can see the danger of “pouring pink paint over the problem” and pretending life is great and okay (been there, done that). I think as long as I can remember to allow myself to have a “pity party” from time to time, feel the highs and lows without staying in the extremes, I’ll be okay. Now, if only I can remember this πŸ˜‰

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