A Spiritual Gangster’s Paradise

I bought a yoga mat that’s eco-friendly. I bought a yoga mat bag that was made from a sari. I consider myself mindful. I believe that focusing on your breath is helpful in more ways than one. I bought a freaking green juice the other day.

Should I be surprised with myself that I’ve become the kind of person who practices yoga and meditation? Is it too far of a stretch for me to realize that I actually like thinking about humanity and our relationship with the universe?

I’m still not quite sure. All of this is new to me. I started to practice yoga in November because my massage therapist basically said I have weak back muscles. I started to practice meditation around February because my career coach said that it would help me on my journey. Turns out that both ladies were right, and both yoga and meditation have helped me in ways I never even thought of.

And maybe this whole not-thinking-about-how-spiritual-I-am thing is kind of counter-intuitive of actually being spiritual? I mean, being spiritual means looking at life in a thoughtful, mindful way. And I haven’t had a meta-mindful session about being spiritual, so that’s interesting. Does that make me a spiritual gangster?

The Jacksons of Sporting the Right Attitude think so. It sounds like a spiritual gangster to them is somebody who does all of the above and doesn’t care what others think. It’s somebody who skips practice because they’re just not feeling it today. It’s somebody who rejects what society has in store for them and proceeds to be their own badass self. Which is awesome.

It’s definitely something to work on. I’m still new to this yogi lifestyle, and with such transitions, I tend to feel like a fraud until I get comfortable enough to not care. I guess I’ll eventually get to that spiritual gangster’s paradise someday.



What do you think?

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