Storytelling Live

I’ve been to a couple of storytelling events where people go up to a microphone and share a very vulnerable part of themselves to the public. I’ve heard a variety of stories from the origins of social innovators to anecdotes from newly landed Canadians. Each one was fantastic because the audience was able to appreciate how sharing such an intimate part of yourself can create a strong connection between people who are otherwise strangers.

At both events, though, I’ve wondered what it would be like to share my own story. I always go back to the statement, “Tell me your life story,” for whenever I’d imagine meeting someone. I would always ask myself how the hell I would do just that. I wouldn’t start at the very beginning and give a timeline of events from birth until this very moment. No. That’s boring. What would be the point to that kind of story?

As a writer, I’d have to spin it in such a way that my story is told in a specific context. There would definitely be a unifying theme throughout, to keep it not only entertaining but also meaningful. And it would be more powerful that way. Also, I think that having a theme is a mark of good writing. And I want to be known as a good writer. I think that this is why I keep imagining what it would be like to go up to a group of strangers and share my story.

So, what would this theme be? I think that talking about how stories affect the way we live could be powerful. For me, I would include how fiction has impacted my reality and how I’ve tended to blur the lines between the two. I’d say how easy it is to live in fantasy and ignore reality; how living in fantasy can distract you from improving your reality. And until you bring yourself back to the present moment, you won’t be able to create a story that’s worth telling and that’s more significant and exciting that the ones that you read, watch, or hear. That story is yours.

At least, that’s the idea that I have in mind.

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