I read my birthday blog post from last year, and boy did I sound confused and unhappy. I was doing my best to make sense of what I was feeling, which is fine, but now I know what has changed for the better in the 365 days since that post.

This was the first birthday I’d been looking forward to in a long, long time. Maybe it’s the number, maybe it’s the relation to Adele’s latest album, maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been saying to myself that I’m 25 in the weeks leading up to this day. It’s funny how people joke about this particular age and say that the quarter life crisis is looming, if not already happening. I’d say that I went through my “crisis” at 23 and 24. I did develop earlier than normal people, though. And I tend to re-evaluate everything in my life more regularly than most people I know.

But this birthday was filled with gratitude and love, which is a huge difference compared to last year. I didn’t feel entitled to be lazy or be doted on by family and friends. I just knew that I would be greeted and loved, and I did. I have been practicing kindness and gratitude for months and both came naturally today. It’s so strange how much one can change in a year. Strange, but beautiful.

I have achieved another year, and this year was full of other achievements in my personal and professional life. It felt like small infinities that were a part of and made up a larger infinity, and it was awesome.

Thank you to everyone who has loved me, supported me, shown kindness to me, and has made this world a more beautiful and not so scary place. ❤


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