A Different Kind of List

I love making to do lists. I feel so accomplished when I get to cross off a task when it’s completed, and it’s so nice to see how productive I’ve been. Going through my bullet journal (something that I highly recommend if you love organizing your thoughts and your life) and seeing everything that I’ve laid out for this year has helped me in times of confusion and idleness. Lists have become a part of my daily life and are a big source of comfort and stability.

They don’t always work, though. I still feel confused and inactive and lazy and a bunch of other negative, self-defeating emotions. Despite the daily to do lists, the colour-coded systems, and the neat little notebook where I hold my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and goals – I am still prone to tossing all of these things aside and wallowing in a pit and fit of despair every now and then. It’s not a good time, but it’s part of life.

After the emotional turmoil has its way, I get up and make a – get this – list. It’s of the kinder, more compassionate type, and it always makes me feel better about myself. So, if you’re feeling down or upset or depressed, I would definitely suggest you try the following lists. Set a number (I usually do 25 because that’s my age and I like to challenge myself), be open, trust yourself, and get to work:

25 things that I am grateful for
25 things that I love about myself
25 compliments that others have given me
25 things that I deserve
25 goals (you can also do this list that Warren Buffet suggested)
25 accomplishments that I am proud of
25 people I admire and why

And there are a lot more ideas online. You can create your own list as well, whatever will help you.

You got this. ❤


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