One of my least favourite quotes is, “curiosity killed the cat.” Eugh. What a terrible thing to tell others.

I’ve grown up fairly shy and cautious, always obeying the rules and not questioning anything. I don’t remember adults saying the above quote to me directly, but what I remember was the implication that not following the rules leads to “bad things.” (Thanks, Catholic school.) It didn’t fully occur to me that this fear of “bad things” had also somewhat stifled my curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

I’ve always been a dreamer, and have longed to step off the beaten path to wander freely. However, this childhood repression (as subtle as it was) never allowed me to fully grasp the concept of freedom the way that I view it now. I’m sure that my childhood in a sense was free, but I still remember the fear in the back of my mind to the point that a little rebellion such as wandering away from my parents at the park or in the mall was an accomplishment. Perhaps moving away and getting lost was a small thrill for me.

The point I’m trying to make is that we are curious, creative beings by nature, and it doesn’t do to squash this child-like wonder because it will just bounce back. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I’d rather be the cat who took a chance than the one who didn’t know how to live. When we follow our curiosity, we may get hurt or be in danger, that’s true. But we may also witness something beautiful or experience something that we’d only dream of doing. I think that the possibilities outweigh the consequences, especially when it comes to passion and creativity. And, after all, don’t we live for expressing our passion and creativity?



What do you think?

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