Partial Darkness

I am not 100% light. I am not perfect. I am not kind, passionate, energetic, productive, smart, or talented all the time. Yes, these are characteristics that I possess and am proud of, but they are not always my reality.

It’s hard to talk about our darkness, the bits and pieces of ourselves that are ugly or deformed or impure. It makes us look bad. Our darkness is not meant for social media, the highlights reel of our lives. It is not meant for the impassioned and awe-inspiring conversations that capture hearts and change lives. It is meant to be buried, forgotten, lost.

But that’s wrong.

Whatever our darkness is, whatever it looks like, whatever it means – it’s a part of who we are. You can call it unfortunate or unfair, but that doesn’t make it go away. Perhaps it’s best to not only leave it, but bring it to the surface and let it breathe. It deserves that. And maybe we’ll be able to accept it and live with it.

We do not have to be good. We do not have to be perfect. But we are enough as masterpieces and works in progress. Such is the strange and beautiful balance of life. Such is the human experience.

May you embrace your darkness, but more importantly let your light shine through.


What do you think?

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