Storytelling Live: I Did It!

Last Monday, I had the PeriSkype with Anita Wing Lee, and I had a lot of fun! It actually felt easy and liberating to tell my story about quitting a soul-sucking job and transitioning into a lifestyle and career that I find fulfilling. I was able to talk about how I’ve made little steps and taken risks to grow and become who I was meant to be. Hopefully the people tuning in found it helpful.

I came across a few realizations after coming off of the PeriSkype:

1. I am actually pretty good at speaking in front of an audience. I wasn’t nervous at all! And that was weird enough for me. I remember being too nervous to speak in front of people for the longest time, and when I did, I was self-conscious and worried about messing up. With this, though, I was at ease and actually wanted to talk more.

2. I want to do this again. It was really cool to give advice through video and to talk to somebody who just gets it like Anita does. Also, even though I didn’t know the audience that well, I knew that they were interested enough to tune in, and that makes me want to share my story even more.

3. Coaching has had a huge impact on me, and it didn’t really hit me until I did the PeriSkype. I mean, I did get to write out my thoughts and feelings for Anita – which she has kindly put into a blog post on her website – but this opportunity has allowed me to reflect on the build up over the last several months. And it was a big build up; I just didn’t realize it until I was able to look back and appreciate what I did and what happened to me.

For everything that has happened to me, I am truly grateful.

Storytelling Live: PeriSkype

You know my old post called Storytelling Live? In it, I talked about how much I had wanted to be able to stand in front of a group of strangers and tell my story. I had thought about sharing how stories have shaped me and how escaping into fiction kept me from writing and living my own story.

Well, a few days ago, my life/career coach, Anita Wing Lee, approached me with this amazing idea to have a video chat through Skype and to broadcast it on Periscope – a PeriSkype, actually. Periscope is kind of like having a livestream: it’s you in a video talking to an audience who can interact with you through comments. But it’s an app that is specific to this kind of video/content-sharing.

I had never thought that I would be invited to something like this, let alone agree to do something like this. When I was younger, I’ve been labelled as and felt shy, and speaking in front of others was incredibly scary because it seemed – and still is! – a really vulnerable experience.

But it’s this vulnerability that I am trying to bring with me to everything that I do. I have found that it’s the best way to genuinely connect with others and be myself. And so, tomorrow, Monday, July 13th, Anita and I are going to be talking about her coaching program and how it’s helped me grow more into myself.

Just download the app, follow @anitawinglee, and tune in at 7:30pm Eastern Time. If you’re curious about what I look and sound like (haha) and what my journey for the past several months has been like, feel free to join us!

Thanks for reading and being part of the community!