Who am I?
– Camille
– Canadian
– Passionate about storytelling for empowerment, and design thinking for social impact
– Writer who hopes that her stories will inspire others to be more empathetic and kind
– Right-brained
– Hufflepuff
– Airbender
(- Not 24601/Jean Valjean)

Why blog?
Well, I love writing: journal, poetry, prose, sometimes even academic. This blog is mostly for myself: I’ve kept journals since I was 12 and writing has been a great way to make sense of what I am feeling or what has happened in my life. I always feel better after writing because it’s like talking to a really close friend. I figured that maybe my typed thoughts would help somebody somewhere, so why not share them?

What’s this blog about?
I started seriously writing in this blog when I was in a transitional period between student and conventional working adult. Life been a really interesting, emotional, inspiring, and revealing journey. I’ve gone through rejection, doubt, fear, and complacency. But I’ve also experienced happiness, fulfillment, and a deeper and truer sense of self. I know that there are other 20-somethings (or anybody else for that matter) going through the same thing. I hope that my thoughts, these little glimpses into my life, will help you realize that you are not alone in this. It’s okay to not know what’s going to happen next, or take that soul-sucking job only to quit months later, or have your friends get married while you try to find your better half. It’s okay that you feel angry or lost or confused about your life. I sure as hell have been, and I know I’ll feel this way again. (Emotions come in cycles.) It’s okay that these things happen to you, because they happen for a reason. They teach you that you should listen to your gut and follow your heart. They set you up for some of the most transformative years of your life.

At least, that’s what Buzzfeed and ThoughtCatalog tell us, no? Well, this blog is for you and me to go through that journey together to find out for ourselves. Allons-y!

I think you’re cool/I want to talk to you/I want to offer you the job of your dreams.
I think you’re cool, too/I’d like that/Wow really? Anyway, you can use the Contact Form to send me a message. I welcome anything from praise to criticism to Leslie Knope compliments to clever usage of memes and .gifs.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Camille, nice to meet you. You’re a wonderful writer. I bet it won’t be long before your foot in the door is noticed. I’m also right-brained, and somewhat introverted.
    Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.


    • Thank you so much, Alison! Right now I’m balancing writing for myself and writing for others. So far it’s been wonderful. Glad to know there are other right brained introverts!
      I hope you and Don continue to have great adventures; looking forward to reading more about your journey!


  2. Hi Camille,
    Thank you very much for visiting and commenting on my blog post. From what I see, you have an interesting blog here, which I would love to follow. I am also a Hufflepuff, love to empower youth to become leaders and my dream is to work for non-profit organizations. Surprisingly, I have been blogging about empowering youth for a while too πŸ™‚



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